5 Useful Travel Tips For Mexico City

Mexico City

Photo credit: Bigstock

Despite all the bad reputation, Mexico City is still a white hot travel destination for Americans. It is cheap, it has insanely delicious street food, it is packed with friendly locals, its contemporary art scene is currently flourishing… what more can one ask from a travel destination?

If you are planning on visiting this lively and colorful place, here are 5 quite useful travel tips for Mexico City travelers who want to get the most of this popular destination.

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1. Volaris Is THE Cheapest Mexican Airline

All of you who are looking to fly cheap and save some money for when you actually reach Mexico, you will want to book flights via Volaris.

Booking your airfare to Benito Juarez, Mexico City’s most modern high-traffic international airport, is best done through Volaris.

2. Consider Booking Accommodation Via Airbnb

Although hotels and hostels are pretty cheap in Mexico City, I recommend choosing your accommodation via Airbnb, and not just due to low prices.

Booking a room via Airbnb is a great way to meet and interact with the city’s locals who will indeed help you experience your destination to the fullest.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly room, you will have to pay anywhere from $20 to $40 a night per person, while if you want to spring for a whole apartment the price won’t go much over $75 per night, which is still pretty affordable if there’s more people in your party.

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3. Use Metro As It Is The Fastest And Cheapest Way To Get Around

The metro system in Mexico City is

  • Fast
  • Safe
  • Crazily extensive.

And don’t let anyone tell you the opposite.

There are 12 lines, and that’s without the connections to above-ground buses (Metrobus) and light trains (Tren Ligero). This means you can get anywhere you need to go using this huge system.

Also – it is cheap!

4. Use ATMs

The exchange rate is a yet another reason why so many Americans have been flocking to Mexico City recently. ATMs will give the best rate, so in order to make sure you are making the most of your funds, always take out money from one of these.

For medium and large purchases (like sit-down restaurant meals), make sure you use your credit card, especially if you have one of those travel rewards cards.

However, always check with your bank before you actually set off.

5. Learn Several Spanish Phrases In Advance

To truly experience the feel of Mexico City, we recommend learning several useful phrases in Spanish before you hit the road. It will help you better communicatewith the people you meet, while it will also make your trip more genuine and open more doors than you might have expected.