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Travelling is fun. Makeup is fun. Trying to pack your makeup for your next vacation however, is not so fun.

It’s that time of year again, where everyone is desperately trying to escape the dreary Adelaide weather, which usually involves airports, small suitcases and travel-sized products as far as the eye can see. This sounds pretty daunting, right? Wrong. You don’t need to sacrifice your beauty regime in order to live a jet-setting lifestyle with our tips for travelling glamorously.


This tip will save you much-needed shopping space on your next holiday, especially if a trip to Sephora is on your itinerary. Try to sync up your foundation/primer/concealer with your vacation, so your products will run out towards the end of your trip (meaning you can toss out the empties and use that suitcase space for new stuff). This handy hint also works wonders if you’re travelling somewhere exciting and are planning on investing in some new clothes. Wear your old, soon-to-be-trash pieces and throw them out (or donate them) once you’ve stocked up at your destination.


Whether you’re a beauty fanatic or just love samples, you will love the thought of travelling light. We love to keep our free samples from magazines, subscription boxes and makeup counters for our next vacation because their small sizes are perfect for stuffing in your suitcase or carry-on bags for an in-flight pick-me-up. Serums, moisturisers and other skincare essentials are perfect products to get samples for, and can save you space (and weight) on your next flight. Mini mascaras, roller-ball perfumes and travel-sized makeup brushes are literally your best friend at the airport, trust us!


And no, we’re not talking about our fast food order. Travel with combination palettes, they’re thin, compact, and multi-purpose, which is exactly what you need for your next trip. Products like theBalm’s In theBalm of Your Hand palette (containing a whole face worth of products), are great for travelling because they occupy minimal space but offer maximum value.

theBalm’s In theBalm of Your Hand


If you’re going on a relaxing Bali vay-cay, you’re probably not going to be rocking a sultry smokey-eye, so you can leave your Naked palette at home. Don’t fill your suitcase with products that you’re not going to use, or a thousand different foundation formulas (when you could probably just take one).  A week without your favourite eyeshadow shade is much better than a hefty excess baggage fee, or worse, a broken palette!


Damn, makeup is expensive, and broken makeup is any girl’s worst nightmare, so pack your stash with care. If you’ve ever arrived at your destination to a smashed powder, you’ll know how distressing this can be. Pack powders and palettes with little/no ‘wiggle room’ to reduce the chances of them flying around your suitcase and getting damaged. This will save you heartbreak, and valuable dollars to spend on cocktails by the pool!

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