7 Travel Tips, Ideas & Suggestions for 2017

How long did you keep last year’s resolutions? Did you stick to any of them? This year, start yourself off on the right foot by setting realistic goals that you can stick to, especially when it comes to something as important as travel! The benefits of traveling are many: 75 percent of executives believe it’s important to prevent burnout, and an annual vacation has also been shown to cut a person’s risk of heart attack by 50 percent. Reap the rewards of getting away by making travel a 2017 must!

travel tips for new year

Here are some of our tips for traveling more in 2017:

Travel Tip 1: take more mini trips

You don’t need to take on a behemoth of a trip that’s going to eat up all your vacation days. Try planning a few shorter-distance trips throughout the year. Smaller vacations can be much more digestible and less stressful to plan, especially if you’re not a frequent traveler. And having trips to look forward to over the kids’ school breaks or slower periods at work can brighten up your year.

Travel Tip 2: take advantage of those points and miles

Check in with all your frequent flyer miles and points programs. If you don’t use your points often, you may be surprised at what you can get, whether it’s discounted tickets for a show in a nearby city or a round trip flight. You never know! Becoming a Wyndham Rewards member is a great place to start to get free night stays at hotels, vacation rentals, timeshare units and more.

travel tips for 2017

Travel Tip 3: Plan a solo trip

Though it’s fun to travel with a big group, having your own time for reflection in your own headspace can help reset your mind in a positive way. Traveling alone will also open you up to meeting new people on your trip! Consider a rental apartment in a place like London or Barcelona for a unique experience. Friendly Rentals by Novasol is one place to start your planning.

Travel Tip 4: Spend wisely before you go

Save where you can in your everyday life. Those little purchases can add up and make a dream vacation just out of reach. Try to cook one more meal at home each week or forgo the artisanal cheese or coffee pick-me-up next time you shop.

Travel Tip 5: Get out of the country

Expand your mind by visiting one of the many unique and exciting places to visit around the world. If you’re American, head up to Canada for a long weekend. If you’re from England, take a train to Portugal. Venturing out of your comfort zone can help you learn something about others, but even more likely, it will help you learn more about yourself.

travel tips for this year

Travel Tip 6: Use all your vacation days

Make it a goal to plan your trips for the year in January. It will give you something great to look forward to throughout 2017, and you won’t leave any vacation time on the table at the end of the year.

Travel Tip 7: Buy tickets early

Planning ahead of time can save you quite a bit of money when it comes to flights. Though there’s occasionally last-minute deals, checking out a good farecasting site, like Kayak.com/flights, can help you plan your trip smarter by telling you to wait or to buy your tickets then.

Ready to start exploring some destinations? Check out these vacation homes for a trip to the beach, in the mountains or abroad!