by Janet Spurr

HibiscusMy frequent flier miles have enabled me to travel to Maui, the Big Island of Hawaii and Oahu more than a dozen times. It is the most special place in the world. Because of the lack of pollution, nature is more beautiful than many other areas in the world. The flowers and palm trees are as abundant as the powerful waves of the Pacific. After you visit, be sure to spread the Aloha Spirit as often as possible. The world will be a better place!

Here are some tips that will help you enjoy your journey to the islands.

1. Hydrate on the plane and wear warm clothes and socks. Also bring warm weather clothes in your carry-on to change into upon landing in Hawaii. If you miss a connection, let the flight attendants know and ask to move your seat closer to the exit and/or find other people who have missed the connection to share info before landing.

2. Take homeopathic anti-jet lag pills, the time difference from the east coast can be difficult at first. Go to bed early.

3. Bring water with you everywhere and drink more than you usually do.

4. Eat the fish, it’s the best in the world!

5. Use #30 sun tan lotion, no matter how tanned you already are.

6. Hawaii is casual; shorts and flip flops can be worn almost everywhere.

7. Respect the ocean waves, they are more powerful than they look.

8. Take a water sport lesson or go for an outrigger ride to fully appreciate being on the water.

2619271841_c5fbe811e59. Flights usually leave late in the day and hotel check out is usually early in the day. Use this time to treat yourself to a spa, shower there and then relax before your flight.

10. Enjoy the beautiful sunsets. Make it even more special by packing a picnic and sitting beside the Pacific.Hawaii sunset

11. Respect the land and people. The beauty of Hawaii will stay with you long after you are home. The Aloha Spirit is the best way of living, embrace it.

12. Consider a stopover on the mainland on the way home to help you get acclimated and don’t take a sleep aid on the plane. The flight is shorter than the effect of the sleep aids.

Perhaps you’ll fall for Hawaii as much as I have and find yourself returning again and again.