Bali’s airport is located outside its capital Denpasar. Its airport code is DPS (we know a lot of travel agents and people around the world who keep just typing “Bali” into a computer and get confused at the results. Remember one flies to cities! Bali is the island, Denpasar is the city from which the airport takes its name. Ever airport apart from Singapore normally puts “Denpasar on connecting site signs”. The airport’s name is “The Ngurah Rai International airport”.

Villa Anugrah is located about 25mins driving south of the airport. As an Anugrah guest you will be picked up at the airport.

Health Considerations
Bali, unlike many other areas in the region, is non-malarial. Therefore any malaria prophylactics are unnecessary, unless you plan to travel onto a malarial region. Bali has a number of Western-trained health professionals along with several expatriate doctors who work in some of the local clinics and hospitals. This infrastructure suffices for the majority of any health problems. In the unfortunate cases where something more is needed, Singapore’s world-class physicians and institutions are just two hours away by plane.

First time visitors to tropical locations and this part of the world are advised to first talk to their physicians about recommended immunizations before traveling. This should be done at least three weeks before your planned departure date. If you plan to bring any prescription medications with you, bring a copy of your doctor’s prescription to avoid unnecessary trouble from Indonesian customs.
Traveler’s health insurance is recommended.

Bali is located just 8° south of the equator and consequently the sun is very strong. Visitors should be very careful in their tanning habits in order not to get burnt, especially right after arrival. Even on a cloudy day, the UV is strong enough to burn within a few short hours.

Furthermore, while in Bali it is recommended to make an effort to drink more fluids than usual in order to avoid dehydration and sunstroke.

Holidays, like everything else in life, occasionally take a wrong turn. It is recommended that all visitors ensure that they are covered in terms of travel insurance. Villa Anugrah shall under no circumstances have any liability to hirer, any other occupier, licensee, or guest on the property for any loss of or damage to the personal belongings, car and its contents of the hirer or any member of the party during the holiday.





Clothing Needs
When packing, keep in mind that you will be in the tropics (the average year round temperature is 32°C) but it can get cold if you plan to visit the elevated and mountainous regions. Generally, you will want to dress light and wear natural fibers that absorb perspiration. For the most part, visitors to Bali dress fairly casually, with beachwear and sandals being the choice of many. At night, a lightweight sweater or light jacket can be useful. For the many upscale restaurants and nightlife, the dress tends to be smart tropical casual. There are a variety of clothes suited to tropical climates and available for purchase in Bali’s many boutiques and shops.

Copies of Documents
We strongly advise making photocopies of airline tickets and passport identification pages, and make a list of all the serial number of traveler’s checks as well as the details and emergency fax and telephone numbers of credit cards. All of this information should be kept in a safe place separate from your wallet/purse. Having this information readily available will expedite the replacement of these items in the unfortunate event, should they go missing.