We sign up for new credit cards to get the sweet signup bonuses they offer. This is how we travel so inexpensively. Most of our flights and hotels are booked with miles and points earned from those bonus offers.

Since we don’t spend much each year, how do we meet the minimum spend requirements? We don’t want to miss out on points and miles because we didn’t follow the rules.

In today’s video, we’re sharing our strategies to meet that minimum spend requirement. Award travel…yippee!

We mention 2 sites in the video…
Plastiq – Pay any bill by card with Plastiq. Use our referral code & pay $500 worth of bills (2.5% fee) to get 500 fee-free dollars
Here’s the link—- https://bit.ly/2CCdlcK

Kiva – https://www.kiva.org/
(Lend as little as $25 to create opportunity for people around the world)

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We use Travel Freely to help us manage our credit cards. It’s free and it’s terrific for the novice and advanced user. Here’s our link – https://my.travelfreely.net/share?bref=glyt.

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About us…we are Tim and Amy and we retired early (in our 40s) after reducing our expenses by $6,500 a month. Now, our big splurges tend to be travel and health-related versus stuff.

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