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What are the best places to eat in the town I am visiting? How do I eat cheap yet well while I travel? How do I eat on a student budget while I travel? These are all travel food questions we have received from fans, friends and followers. Here are our 6 tips for eating cheap and well while you travel.
Filmed in Granada, Nicaragua
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1. Don’t Eat: don’t feel like you have to eat three big meals each day, sometimes it is best to have one big meal and only smaller other meals or two meals and a snack to save your budget.
2. Use Lunch Specials: a lot of countries and cities have lunch specials where you can experiment local cuisine for a fraction of the price during lunch time.
3. Use the Grocery Store: getting cheese and a baguette is not just a cliché, it is something everyone should do in France. Also, when you visit the grocery you see how the locals shop and eat and at a very cheap price.
4. Eat Where the Locals Eat: look around and see where the locals are eating and go there. If you are not sure, just ask a local or at your hotel and they will help you find good local places at a good price.
5. Use Kiosks, Imbisses and street food: you can eat a local treat at a great price and keep sightseeing while you enjoy your meal.
6. Only have breakfast at your hotel if it is free. If your hotel wants you to pay for breakfast you may be better off just exploring the surrounding area of your hotel for a café that will give you ambiance and a good price with local food.

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