My top 10 travel beauty hacks!

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In this video I talk about my Top 10 Travel Beauty Hacks –
Tip #1. Bring a hydrating mask on the plane and use it! Airplanes can be super drying, so bringing a moisturizing mask will help your skin stay hydrated. My favorite skin mask is Glam Glow

Tip #2. Bring a travel size perfume with you on your trip. You can purchase a smaller, travel size perfume. Or you can distribute the perfume into a smaller container. My favorite scent to bring with me on a trip is Maison Louis Marie No. 4.

Tip #3. Make sure to bring facial cleansing towelettes! These are my number 1 essential when traveling. I love having them around to refresh my skin anytime and also love using them while on the plane.

Tip #4. It’s so good to bring dry shampoo with you on your trip! When we travel, it’s harder to take as much time as we want in the morning to get ready, so bringing a dry shampoo with you will help keep your hair looking fresh and voluminous without having to wash you hair everyday.

Tip #5. Put a dryer sheet in your laundry bag! This is a travel hack that will keep your dirty laundry from stinking up your suitcase.
Tip #6. Bring leggings with you! I love wearing leggings on the plane and having a second pair with me in my suitcase. Leggings can be worn for many different occasions. You can wear them to workout, lounge around, and they can also be worn under jeans in a colder climate.

Tip #7. Wear your heaviest shoe on the plane! This will free up space in you suitcase. But make sure the shoes you choose are comfortable.

Tip #8. A cotton round will protect your powder compacts! I have dropped and broken so many didn’t blushes, and powder foundations. I learned that with this tip, even if I do drop my product it’ll will survive the crash!

Tip #9. Try to bring 2-1 products. This will eliminate the amount products you bring with you which will lighten you load. The goals here is to make your suitcase as light as possible.

Tip #10. Bring you normal vitamins with you. While traveling recently, i noticed that I felt a little out of wack because I wasn’t keeping up with my normal vitamin routine. Moving forward I will always bring the vitamins my body is use to. I love taking b12 vitamins and a hair, skin, and nail vitamin daily.

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