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If you’ve been hit by a big dose of the travel bug, this one is for you. My top four tips that have made my travel life so much easier and more enjoyable, I honestly don’t even know how I used to travel without them.

Over the past few years I’ve been travelling a lot. Work and wanderlust has taken me far and wide from my little home town of Perth in Western Australia (one of the most isolated cities in the world). So it’s safe to say I’ve travelled a few extra hours here and there, and these are just a few handy tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way that I wanted to share with you:

1. 4+ Point Power Plug Adaptor and Universal Power Point Adaptor

So many things to charge, not enough plugs. We all know how hard it can be finding that all important power plug, especially when your mobile/laptop/headphones/camera is on 2% battery. Well, not anymore. Pick yourself up a 4 point power plug extender, that one way you can turn just one power point into 4. You will be amazed at the difference this makes, and the friends you can make along the way too!

2. Re-Useable Water Bottle & Coffee Cup

Limit your contribution to the effect of plastics on our environment by traveling with your own re-useable water bottle and keep cup. I pack mine absolutely everywhere I go. Super easy to implement, better for our environment, and can also save you money by not needing to buy bottles of water over and over again.

3. Eco Straw for Jewellery

Never have to detangle your necklaces ever again. This one was a total game changer.

4. Carry On ‘Self Care’ Tool Kit

Arrive to your destination looking fresh faced and ready to go. Just because you’re traveling long hours doesn’t mean you need to go with out those creature comforts. With a little bit of extra preparation for your carry on luggage, you can make sure you have all the personal essentials that will make the journey that extra bit more enjoyable.

Hope this helps you out on your travels!

Health & Happiness,

Amanda x

Comment below with your fave travel tips!

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