14 Smart Travel & Carry On Hacks so you can travel in comfort
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Hey lovelies
It’s Summer time and I’m sure lots of you are preparing to travel this season. Flight tickets have gotten cheaper but on the other hand if you’re planning to take a normal luggage you’ll pay more. That’s why I’m sharing 14 smart travel hacks focused on carry ons as most airlines still allow you to take this with you for free!

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Below an overview of the travel hacks mentioned in the video
1. Pack with Packing cubes
2. Create packing lists on https://packtor.com/
3. Get a Colorful Luggage

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4. Use travel stickers or iron on patches on your carry on
5. Colorful Luggage Covers
6. Create Travel Capsule Wardrobes. See my playlist with capsule wardrobes here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDla_yb3jlqfPkKNo4IvNxUt4JOOMYcVV
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7. Add colorful luggage tags
8. Travel sized beauty
9. Multipurpose beauty
10. Travel friendly electronics
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11. Take a shopper bag. BUY shopper bags here https://www.dressjoycy.com/collections/shop-my-bag
12. Take a eco friendly travel bottle. SHOP Chilly Bottle http://bit.ly/2FAFku9
13. Travel scale
14. Pouch for electronics
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Thanks for watching!

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