As a professional travel writer the question I get asked most is how I pack for a trip, what gear and cameras I use, and what tricks and hacks if any I have for traveling and making travel films.

For me it’s important to travel light, and have the right equipment to get the job done, which means a camera, lenses, drone, and accessories that only a decade of forgetting something at home has taught me;) Mind you I’m not sponsored by any of these brands, this advice only comes from my personal experience and is my honest opinion. Would love to hear what other travel professionals take in their sack, so please drop a comment below.

I’ve also published an article that goes a little more in depth about how to become a travel writer, and what I find are some solid practices with links to all the gear on my blog


Sony A7rIII – light, fast, proxies on the fly, dual slot, sees in the dark.
24-105 Sony lens – great zoom lens, one lens to rule them all.
Zeiss CP 50mm macro – for the fancy stuff. great for portrait and food.
Sony A6300 – small B cam – great for incognito, also underwater.
CCTV lens – slap this on the the A6300 and you get some rad art shots
Lowepro camera bag – the greatest low-fi, heavy duty camera bag out there.
Travelpro Carry On Bag – low profile, indestructible, cheap and good.
Mavic Pro Drone – I’ve shot over 30 films around the world with this little guy.
Rode VideoMicro – super compact on camera mic
Sony URX Wireless Mics (lav) – expensive, but necessary for good interview audio.
BEATS wireless headphones – don’t know how to fly without them.
Holdfast Buffalo camera straps – hipster lingerie for photogs.
Bungee Strap – 3 dollar hack that will save your back and give you smooth pans.
iM Corona Old Boy Lighter – the ability to start a fire is what separates humans for beasts.
Manfrotto 930 tripod – light, easy, small, nuff said
BANDANAS!!! – see the film. they have 1000 uses.
Eceen bag – great portable bag thats good for day trips
Global Entry – a must if you don’t want to spend half a day at customs
Alka Seltzer – a must if you want to not worry about what you’re eating.
Moleskine Notebook – portable, never fails, and batteries never run out.
Belkin Powerstrip – you got gear, you gotta charge it, you need this.
TSA locks – probably won’t keep anything safe, but will give you peace of mind.

Thanks for watching and hope this helps anyone looking to travel and be serious about being a travel writer/travel filmmaker. It really is the greatest “job” in the world if you can even call that. Happy travels and please like and subscribe to stay connected. One world.


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