Counting down my top 10 travel tips for handling airplane travel. I’m a 360/Diamond Medallion Million Miler with Delta and I am sharing with you the tips that I’ve used to score extra drinks, get free baggage checks, and a number of other things that will make your flights more comfortable. As always, feel free to leave your tips in the comments below and they might make it into future videos!

Tip #1: Use International Adapters on Domestic Flights (I explain why in the video)
The Apple World Travel Adapter Kit can be found here:
Universal Worldwide Travel Adapter:
Tip #2: Store bags early (again – I explain why in the video)
Tip #3: Why store luggage across from your seat?
Tip #4: Bulkhead seating and how to keep your computer out for working?
Tip #5: Seatback recline strategies gate to gate?
Tip #6: Check your bag for free!
My favorite rollerboard spinner:
Tip #7: Never, ever stand in line when a flight is cancelled!
Plantronics Voyager headset (my favorite) for those long calls:
Tip #8: Scoring free drinks on flights
Tip #9: Keep your less than 2lb laptop out the entire flight
My favorite: Apple’s Macbook:
Another good option: Microsoft’s Surface Pro:
Tip #10: Use (why don’t people know about this?)


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