If you’re an avid traveler then travel packing is an essential skill to have especially if you are going on a vacation or travelling to a country abroad for three weeks. Three important areas are the Carry-on, Personal item and the Toiletries. In this video see what you need in your toiletries travel bag and learn how to comply with liquid restrictions on air carriers and airports plus also get important top travel packing tips and essentials. We make it easier for you to pack enough toiletries to last three weeks.

So organize, maximize and optimize with our How-to video now!

MORE Top TIPS for our Viewers:
For the travel sized bottles we showed in the video, get them at your local store in the travel section/isle (e.g. Wal-Mart, Londo. Drugs, Superstore, etc…). They work great for travelling and can be refilled!

We will be travelling to Europe (Italy, France, Netherlands) for our 3 week vacation coming up soon, so stay tuned for more travel and travel packing videos with tips, hacks and essentials that you can use too! BTW… No checked luggages needed!

Travel packing list for toiletries packed in this video:
Electric toothbrush
Electric toothbrush head
Electric toothbrush charger
Extrasoft bristle toothbrush
Dental floss
Shower cap
Body wash
Shaver head replacement
Lip chap
Hand / body lotion
Baby powder
Face moisturizer
Nail clippers (bring nail file if needed)
Foot pads
Hair comb
Elastic hair bands
Bobby pins
Hair sheet holder
Disposable cloth hand sanitizers
Hydrocortisone cream
Liquid tears (Refresh tears)
Portable hook
Hair gel
Refillable travel perfume bottle
Liquid detergent
Liquids bag provided by air carrier / airport
Ziploc bag
Waterproof toiletry bag

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