Amazing traveling hacks that will change your life

We all know that the best time to travel is during the summer, but what we don’t know most of the time, is how to pack and what to pack. That is why I am sharing with you this video.
– If you are going for a hike and your shoes got wet, to help them dry fast simply warm up a few rocks in a cooking pan and place them in your shoes. The rocks will absorb all the water and voila.
– To keep all your belongings secure at the beach, place them all in a clean baby diaper and then add some chocolate on the outside to melt. This will prevent anyone from touching it.
– I also show you a pretty cool way to fold all of your clothes in such a way in your suitcase that you save more space
– For those of you who love going camping, I show some cool hacks that will make your camping more enjoyable. I show you how to make your own water filter, or how to start a fire using noodles.

0:45 – Cool hiding place for your valuables
1:42 – DIY sewing traveling kit
2:48 – How to make your own thermos when traveling
5:04 – Useful camping hacks
9:29 – Wildlife survival
13:55 – How to pack all your necessities
17:26 – DIY compass blush sheets
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