How to ride the train in Switzerland:

Hey guys, this is Sarah for Alpenwild and today, I’m coming to you from the beautiful city of Lucerne, Switzerland. Now you’ve probably heard that coming to Lucerne or traveling around Switzerland is extremely expensive. You know, it is a little bit true but let me tell you I don’t find it to be much more expensive than traveling around any other big city in the United States. And in today’s video I’m going to be showing you some of my personal favorite ways to save money with traveling in Switzerland.

1. Water is Free (1:06)
2. Get a Grocery Store Lunch (1:46)
3. Get Grocery Store Chocolate (3:27)
4. Take Public Transportation (4:46)
5. Get Outdoors (6:00)

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Taking a sip from a fresh water fountains is quite the experience! Have you taken a sip from a drinking fountain in Switzerland? Would you if you went? Tell us about it and your favorite travel hack in the comments below!

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