Amazing tips to know when you go traveling

Traveling to different places and having adventures is one of the best experiences anyone can go through in their life. It is almost everyone’s ultimate goal, to travel to new places, explore and discover different cultures. But, it goes without saying that when someone ventures to go in such explorations, they should know some tips and tricks that will make their traveling experience easier. Som that is what we are doing in this video.

– Since luggage is something that can be lost when traveling mainly because they all look so similar, we found the best hack for you. Instead of buying new colorful luggage that you can identify the moment you see it, you can put on a bright shirt on your suitcase to save the day. This will prevent anyone from accidentally picking up your luggage.
– If your luggage is overweight and you feel like you can’t afford to pay the extra charges, try wearing all the heavy clothes to make your suitcase less heavy and travel without any additional charges.
– For those tiring times that you’d like to take a nap on the plane but you still want to wake up for snacks. You can add a small card on you that says “wake me up for snacks and drinks” this way you’ll let the flight crew know that you want to be woken up instead of having them wondering or not waking you up at all.
– We all know that folding the clothes that go in your closet, is nowhere near as efficient as folding them when going on a flight, and you should be using a different method to help you save space. So, in this video, we are sharing with you how you can fold your clothes in order to save space in your suitcase for more clothes and make your traveling a lot easier.
– For those exploration adventures that you might go in nature while hiking or camping, we have some life-saving hacks to make your time more enjoyable. For example, we show you how you can dry your yet shoes by boiling some stones and then placing them in your shoes in order to help them dry faster.

Watch our whole video to find out all of our amazing hacks as well as some ways to come up with your own products when you don’t have what you need around.

0:59 – How to always get your snacks on the plane
1:43 – How to fold your clothes for traveling
3:33 – How to dry your shoes faster
4:55 – DIY traveling sewing kit
6:01 – How to make your own thermos
8:06 – DIY toilet paper dispenser
8:30 – Unexpected places to hide your money
10:41 – How to deal with sweat while hiking
11:32 – Kitchen foil dinner wear
12:27 – Floating keyring
13:40 – Awesome DIY fly trap
15:43 – Brilliant outdoor shower
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