Traveling tips that will save you space and money

Hey fellow travelers, in this video I am sharing with you some genius lifehacks that will help you pack, save some money and enjoy your time abroad a lot more.
– If you are waiting at the airport for a long time and you’d like to take a nap, you can turn your hoodie into a comfy pillow to rest your head.
– You can use a pool noodle to create your own pillow for your seatbelt when you are waiting in the car.
– I show you an easy way to take your makeup with you while traveling by watching them on a piece of paper.
– I show you a neat way to pack all of your outfits of the day to make sure that everything is nice and organized in your suitcase.
– To save yourself some money, you can create your own compact toothpaste, by adding blobs of toothpaste on some greaseproof paper and then sprinkle some baking soda on top.

0:07 – Genius traveling tips you haven’t seen before
1:49 – DIY compact eyeshadow
2:19 – How to turn your hoodie into a bag
3:05 – How to pack our outfits
4:25 – Compact toothpaste
6:32 – DIY soap dispenser
7:46 – How to organize your pills
9:57 – Use buttons for your earrings
10:42 – Compact toiletries
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