​Brilliant travel hacks for your next trip

Travelling is one of the most magical experiences anyone can ever do! In fact, it’s the ultimate life-goal – to go out exploring new places, see different cultures and gain new experiences. However, sometimes traveling can be stressful, mainly because of packing and the load of stuff we have to carry around, that’s why we made this video. We wanted to help you arrange your travel essentials through a series of tips and tricks that we prepared for you in order to make your traveling less stressful and more efficient. This way you’ll enjoy traveling more with less to worry about.

When we first start packing our bags we immediately start folding our clothes as if we are organizing our own closet but what we’ve been doing is wrong. When it comes clothing folding, even though you do need to have everything organized in your suitcase you also need to maximize space and if you fold your clothes the way you have them organized in your closet this will prove insufficient. So, we prepared a few travel clothing folding tips in order to show you how to fold your clothes and maximize your suitcase space. This method will also prevent your clothes from creasing as well.

For those of you who never heard of what a vacuum seal bag is, then you need to get yourselves one right away. Just like everything around us, air is everywhere, especially in breathable items such as clothes. So, in the video, we show you how much space you save when you place in a sealable plastic bag and using your vacuum cleaner you suction all the air out. Because the air gets removed from the clothes, they get 3x times smaller and you can save a lot of space by carrying more stuff with you as well.

If you are planning to go swimming your traveling adventures then we have some brilliant hacks for you!. We show you how to take amazing underwater photos without even getting your phone wet. You’ll simply place it upside down inside a drinking glass and then take your underwater pictures while also protecting it.

Exploring the magical sea world would be impossible without having a diving mask. But most masks start fogging up after a couple of minutes of wearing them. This is because of the temperature difference on your skin, your breathing and the surrounding water. In order to help you neutralize the temperatures, you can apply some toothpaste distribute it all over the lenses and then wipe it off.

Watch our whole video to discover all of our amazing traveling hacks. We also show you some cool ways to fold your clothes and keep them organized in your closet as well as some tips when you are traveling with liquids and how to pack your makeup.

0:07 – How to fold your hoodies
0:56 – DIY clothing folder
2:09 – How to fold a t-shirt into a smaller piece
3:20 – How to fold your jeans
6:36 – Brilliant underwater camera
7:17 – DIY waterproof tattoo
8:25 – DIY toiletry samples
8:53 – How to pack your makeup
9:52 – Compact packing
10:49 -Brilliant hiding places
12:02 – Portable filter
13:18 – DIY lunch box
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