Travelling and packing ideas for adventurers

Hey fellow travellers. In this video, I show you how to have a great time on your trip by trying out some of my packing and organizing hacks. I show you how to maximize space and avoid buying new things and you can make your own travel toiletries.
– When you are in the car and you have the windows open, to avoid getting your bag stolen simply put the seatbelt on it.
– If your ears are clogged, place two cups on them. Creating a vacuum will relieve them.
– If you’ve parked somewhere and you can’t find your car when you get out to take a picture of it. This will help you spot it easier.
– I show you how to pack your clothes in your luggage to get more space and also have all your outfits ready.

0:07 – Amazing hacks when you are on the go
3:04 – Genius hacks for your suitcase
5:31 – How to pack your outfits
6:29 – Cool gadgets for your car
9:11 – Genius bed for your car
9:56 – Money safety tips for travellers
11:40 – DIY travel gadgets
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