Travelling tips for adventurers

Hey fellow travellers, in this video I show you how to make your new adventure the easiest and most comfortable using these hacks.
– For your toiletries such as toothpaste toothbrush and face towel try this trick. Take a plastic bottle and split it in half vertically. Then place all your items inside your towel and fold them. Then add them in your plastic bottle and seal it with its cap.
– I show you an awesome way to fold your hoodie and turn it into a pillow when you want to sleep on the plane or at the airport
– For those of you who struggle when packing and fill their luggage with clothes., I show you how to fold all your outfits and maximize space in your bag.

0:07 – Genius travelling tips
2:21 – DIY compact blush paper
4:04 – Awesome use for a pool noodle
4:55 – Awesome makeup travelling trick
6:28 – Cool hacks using a scarf
7:27 – Toothpaste blobs for travellers
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