Do you love traveling and exploring the world? If yes, you will totally love this video. We prepared a selection travel lifehacks that will make your next adventure a bit easier. You will learn how to prepare for hidden risks and unexpected situations.
Even if you travel to the safest country in the world you should know how to save your money and hide it. The first rule is to split up in different places. There ate a lot of ways to hide money: in your hairbrush, empty lipstick container, sanitary napkin, bubble gum, toothpaste. Yes, you can use all these surprising items to hide money and make your traveling relaxing and comfortable.
Create a secret stash at home from an old shoe box. You may reuse your old books spines or simply print a picture with books spines. This hidden storage place with faux book spines is inexpensive and so easy to make. Glue spines to the box and now you have a storage place on your shelf. Use this secret stash to hide money, letters or everything that is important for you.
Cash gifts are rather boring but we share tricks on how to make any gift a special one. Here are creative ways to wrap money: use empty pizza box or empty packs from McDonald’s; make a money box and pull out a chain of dollars or make elegant butterflies out of cash. If you want to make a creative but romantic gift – make cash hearts or even a cute greeting card with money inside.
As a bonus, you will find a brilliant lifehack on how to test the tires using a penny. Insert a penny into your tire’s tread groove with Lincoln’s head upside down and facing you. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, your tires are fine. If not – you need new tires.

00:11 Safety tips for travelers
00:32 Better hide your money
01:23 Use phone holder to hide money
01:54 Secret stash idea
03:12 How to fold money

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