Amazing ideas for traveling during the holidays

We are counting the days for Christmas. And most of us will have to do some traveling to see families, friends and rest. So, in this video, I’m showing you some awesome hacks that will help you with your holiday packing.
– To always have handwash with you, pump some of it in a balloon. Then attach it to your toothpaste neck and seal it.
– I show you how to make your won compact blushes sheets. Simply mash your blusher and turn it into powder. Then mix it with some glycerol and apply it on a baking sheet. Let it dry, cut it into smaller pieces and voila.
– If you can’t take your whole toothpaste with you, try turning it into little blobs. Apply some toothpaste on a baking paper and then sprinkle some baking soda on top. Let it dry and add it in a container. This way you’ll always have dry toothpaste on the go.
– If you’ve run out space, I show you how to turn an ordinary shirt into a bag using a belt as a handle and a hair tie to secure it at the bottom.

0:07 – Awesome ideas for your travelling toiletries
3:01 – DIY bag using a t-shirt
4:34 – Awesome hacks when you are on the go
5:44 – How to pack your liquids
7:24 – How to fold your outfits
8:45 – Genius hack for your backpack
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