Tips to make your stay in a Hotel Room more comfortable and enjoyable. I stay in a ton of hotels and I share some of the tricks that I have learned over the years. 1. Steam clothes in the shower. 2. Use the Ironing board as an impromptu dining table
3. Hanger clips to close curtain
4. Shower cap on dirty shoes or laundry
5. Towel under door to block sound and light
6. Pillows for bed divider
7. USB port on back of TV for charging
8. Phone in cup to amplify sound
9. ADY Clock on Phone for better clock
10. Sunglasses for phone stand
11. Power strip
12. USB quad charger
13. Coffeemaker to make instant foods like oatmeal and ramen
14. Tea Bags in shoes to make them smell nice
15. Phone to photograph room number


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