The average American spends at least 90 minutes a day behind the wheel. That’s definitely a lot, so why not spend this time in comfort and ease? There are so many simple yet useful tricks that can turn your mundane commute into a pleasant journey, and here are 15 of the best!

A pin on the map will help you find your parked car 0:47
Use a cereal container as a trash can 1:33
A roll of duct tape as a cup holder 2:18
A tackle box makes a great snack kit 2:56
Don’t forget about a two-port USB charger 3:52
Keep an emergency kit in your car 4:31
A shoe organizer as a holder 5:51
Don’t forget your inflatable mattress 6:23
Take an atlas 7:00
A rubber band as a phone holder 7:28
Go to a fast food restaurant if you get lost 7:56
It will help you if you get stuck 8:33
Breathe fresh air with the help of a button 9:08


– Drop a pin with the location of your car on your mobile map. In this case, Google maps will eagerly help you locate your vehicle in no time!
– Take an empty cereal container, put a trash bag inside, and voila! You now have an ideal no-spill trash can for all your empty wrappers and cups.
– You can put a roll of duct tape on the passenger seat and place your drink inside. Plus, you’ll always have the universally handy duct tape within reach whenever you need it!
– Take a tackle box, raid a grocery store or your kitchen, and assemble a nice little kit of your favorite snacks. No fuss, no mess, and no more stopping at convenience stores just to ease your cravings.
– If you can’t go anywhere without your multiple gadgets and gizmos, opt for a multi-port USB charger. It’s also handy when you’re traveling with a big group of friends.
– If you’re sick and tired of the chaos that’s invaded your car, just use a shoe organizer to make your space neat and tidy.
– Keep a blow-up mattress in your trunk just in case. Simply put it in the back seat, inflate it, and there you go! They even make special inflatable mattresses that fit cars perfectly!
– What will you do if your GPS or phone suddenly dies and you don’t have a charger with you? That’s why you should always keep a road atlas in your car.
– If you haven’t got a phone holder yet, you can use a rubber band or a hair tie!

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