Taking a summer road trip? Why not take the road less traveled and visit some of these offbeat travel destinations in Texas?

Marfa Lights – Marfa

Go out to the edge of town in Marfa (they actually have an observation deck), look towards the horizon, and you just might see mysterious flickers of light known officially as the Marfa Lights. What are they? People think that they can’t be electrical because cowboys reported seeing them. Others think they might be the reflection of headlights of cars, but their origin is obviously aliens, right?

Terlingua Ghost Town is an offbeat travel destination in texasTerlingua Ghost Town – Terlingua

What used to be a bustling little silver mining town is now an eerie shadow of its former glory. Go to Terlingua and in the lonely Texan desert you’ll find the remnants of the town, composed of small crumbling structures.

Enchanted Rock – Fredericksburg

Climb atop this beautiful and gargantuan pink granite rock at night and listen to it creak. Scientists say the sounds are result of the rock contracting in the cool night air, but the rest of us think that’s stupid—it’s obviously the lamentations of the ghost of the Tonkawa princess who, according to legend, threw herself off of the rock when she saw her tribe slaughtered.