21 Travel Tumblrs for Jet-Setters

“Two blogs diverged in a Dashboard, and sorry I could not follow both…” or something like that is probably what Robert Frost would say if he were here to see the 21st century traveler.

Today, it does not cost a dime to travel across the globe — at least it doesn’t when you’re living vicariously through adventurers online.

Travel documentary is a popular way for users to share their excursions with those who can’t make it, or are planning their own big trip. Tumblr is a great platform for jet setters, because it’s easy to snap a pic and post on-the-go with your phone. If you’re looking for a taste of new culture, seek no further than a couple of new follows on your Dashboard.

These 21 flat-footed bloggers will leave you scraping your piggy bank for adventure. Take a trip around the world by plane, VW bus or simply scroll along.

1. Ann Street Studio

Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck are best known for their cinemagraphs and high class fashion photography, which means the two spend a lot of time traveling.

2. Insatiable Traveler

Media specialist Susan Portnoy spends her free time traveling, then documents her adventures. Portnoy recently went on a safari, which she describes to Huffington Post as “highly addictive.”

3. The Travel Network

The Travel Network is a jackpot of inspiration for adventure enthusiasts. It is a network of Tumblr sites, from the popular Travel This World to more specific highlights, like Seattle’s Travels.

4. Out of Reception

Designer Foster Huntington left New York in 2011 and purchased a VW van. Since then, Huntington has traveled thousands of miles exploring the west, and documents his adventures on this blog and A Restless Transplant. Fellow van travelers have even submitted their own photos, which started #VanLife.

5. Backpacker’s Guide to Earth

Logan is a Canadian who suffers from depression and anxiety. This has motivated him to do things he would normally never do — mostly travel — so he finds ways to work it into his posts.

6. This Belongs in a Museum

Culture enthusiasts will appreciate this catalog of tiny, eccentric museums and attractions of the world. The museologist who runs this Tumblr describes it as “Always informative, usually funny, sometimes offensive.” (Her last post was on Korea’s Penis Park, to give you an idea of the weirdness.)


Photographer Chip Mooney started this collaborative journal of his travels with friends. All of the content is original, and varies in aesthetic, depending on the friends he’s travelling with.

8. Seconds Minutes Hours

Creative agency and travel store wejetset updates and inspires on Tumblr with pictures from previous travels, and eye-opening related content from other blogs.

9. TinyWrld

If timelapses are your vice, this Tumblr will keep you daydreaming of travel for days. Users submit their videos to create one giant mosaic of the world.

10. Glad You’re Not Here!

Believe it or not, globetrotters used to not have a platform like Tumblr to document their travels. The original Tumblr content came in the form of postcards — some of which were just an angsty message to let someone know you’re alive.

11. Luxury Accomodations

Most of us will never get to see these fancy hotels around the world in person, but you can enjoy a little luxury from afar by browsing this blog.

12. Exquisite Planet

Sophia is an aspiring traveler from New York who uses Tumblr to keep her adventure daydreams alive. She has an exceptional curation of images from around the world and across the web.

13. Cycle of Nature

These gorgeous pictures might make you feel lost in the jungle — just enough to forget that you’re on a computer.

14. Condé Nast Traveler

The popular publication shares extra photos from shoots and content from the magazine.

15. A Bad Idea

Backpacking across South Asia on a shoestring budget was “a bad idea” to this couple, but their mishaps have created a blog filled with beautiful images, video and incredible stories.

16. Traveling Colors

Naturally, the creator of The Travel Network has his own blog filled with documents of travel and adventure inspiration.

17. National Geographic: FOUND

The world famous travel publication recently opened its archives to Tumblr, in hopes of crowdsouring unidentified photos.

18. Travel Nerd

Geography student Kalie organizes her love for travel and peace corps through her own photography and that of other Tumblr adventurers.

19. Travel Channel

The television network dedicated to travel has its own Tumblr filled with extra images from on- and off-set.

20. Gear Down Please

If it’s not the destination that excites you, but how you get there, this blog features captivating images of plane photography.

21. Travel Quotes

Tumblr is chock-full of quotes, so of course there is a blog dedicated to inspiring words about travel.

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