Budget Travel Destinations For Your Unforgettable Experience 2018

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Having an unforgettable traveling experience is everyone’s dream. It is more memorable if you go with a little budget, isn’t it? There are so many places that you should visit not only because of its nature, but also its culture, these budget travel destinations will be perfect for you to explore more awesome and stunning places without having to spend big bunch of money.

Do you know, there are many places in the overseas that you can visit at affordable prices without draining your pockets? It starts from the cheap food and beverage prices, to lodging fees and admission tickets are affordable.

Here are 20 Budget Travel Destinations For Your Unforgettable Experience in 2018. Let’s check this out!

1. Ireland

Who doesn’t know the country where the legendary vocal group, Westlife comes from? The flight’s price tickets to this country is reported very cheap in recent years. Hostels are also cheap, for example is $6.5 only per night.

Budget Travel Destinations
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You can visit the Chester Beatty Library to see world-renowned collections, such as rare books and manuscripts. Then, walk on the herd of deer, Phoenix Park. You can also shop at Blackrock Market frugally.

2. India

India is also one of the cheapest tourism destinations. The strong culture becomes the main attraction for foreign and local tourists.

Budget Travel Destinations
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For living expenses, this country is cheap. You can enjoy a meal at an Indian restaurant for only about $ 9.5, a cup of cappucino coffee for $ 1.0, 1 liter of milk for $ 0.5 and a $ 0.6 for bread price. In addition, the price of taxi fare is very cheap/km, you only pay about $ 0.2 /km.

3. Egypt

The country who is famous for his pyramid can be a choice for your holiday destination with a low cost.

Budget Travel Destinations
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For lodging, you simply spend about $ 3.7 for one night and for a typical Egyptian food package, you only pay $ 1.8. For those who will visit this country, you simply spend $ 4.3 to visit the pyramids. Interesting, right??

4. Laos

Considered as one of budget travel destinations, this Southeast Asian country that doesn’t have a sea is known as a country whose the tourism expenditure is quite cheap.

Talk about lodging, you simply spend $ 2.50 for a double bed room. Even for  cost in the bungalow, you only pay $ 8.7. In addition, the street foods in this country is priced in the range of $ 0.9 – $ 1.8.

Budget Travel Destinations
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When you want to taste a typical Laotian cuisine, you can eat it by the side of the road while enjoying the beauty of the famous Mekong river.

5. Cambodia

Cambodia is already known by the backpacker as a country with a cheap travel costs.The hotel costs from $ 1.8 per night. Food and drinks are also cheap. Once you eat, you spend about $ 1.1 to $ 8.8 only.

Budget Travel Destinations
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The most expensive cost you will encounter is only when entering the Angkot Watt area which is about $ 16.8.

6. Thailand

Indeed, not all the places in the Land of White Elephant is cheap, but if you know the trick, you can enjoy a very cheap vacation!

In order not to get stuck in the expensive places, don’t visit Phuket, Koh Samui, or coastal areas that have been commercialized. You can visit north or to Chiang Mai because the area is very friendly for backpackers.

Budget Travel Destinations
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Lodging in Chiang Mai can be found with prices starting from $ 5.1. If you have more budget and want to sleep in a comfortable hotel (plus a swimming pool), you can rent it with a starting price of $ 10.2!

You also can visit the Buddhist temple with stunning views, the old city of Chiang Mai in the Old City Quarter, the thriving Thai tribesmen till night tour at Chiang Mai Night Market.

7. Mexico

This country becomes a heaven for backpackers because spending $ 21.9 /day is not impossible.

Budget Travel Destinations
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The average lodging for backpacker is rented for $ 7.0 /night. Along the road, you will find the street vendors or shops selling tacos, tortillas and other Mexican foods at a low price.

Well, if you’re on a minimal budget, don’t visit the popular beaches such as Cancun or Cabo., haha.

8. Bolivia

In general, the living cost in Bolivia is cheap and affordable. You can use public transportation at a very low price.

budget travel destinations
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Lodging and dorms are almost all affordable. You can enjoy a food in the restaurant at price about $1.8 – $2.5 only. You can visit Titicaca Lake, Uyuni, Isla del Sol, and other interestig places.

9. Greece

Some of you may think that traveling to the land of gods is expensive. But you know, Greece is one of countries that you can visit with a low cost.

budget travel destinations
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You can enjoy a variety of cuisines such as spinach pie, and a place to stay at a cheap price that starting at $ 3.2, coupled with a breathtaking coastal scenery as well as typical residential style in Greece with white-topped blue increasing the beauty of the country.


10. Nepal

The country known as Mount Everest is one of the visa-free countries. In addition, the Government began to re-build their tourism area after suffering a great earthquake in 2015.

budget travel destinations
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For the eating cost, you simply spend $ 8.00. Traveling to Nepal are not only tourism trekking in Annapura alone, but you also can enjoy a holiday in the main cities of Nepal such as Pokhara, or visit the old typical relics such as Durbar Square in Kathmandu.

11. Sri Lanka

Traveling to Sri Lanka is also quite cheap. The cost of a one-night stay is about $ 7.6 only. For the cost of eating, you simply spend $ 1.5 for traditional food such as curry and rice. Very cheap, isn’t it?

budget travel destinations
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Not only that, you can also visit various kinds of Sri Lanka national park at a cost of $ 15.2.

12. Nicaragua

Nicaragua is located in Central America where you can visit for a vacation at a low cost.Many attractions and exciting shows you can enjoy at very cheap prices.

budget travel destinations
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The average lodging price is $ 8.7 per night. For the average food and beverage prices are around $ 1.0 – $ 2.0 only.

13. Mecadonia

Some people say that Macedonia is a small version of France. Probably because there is a Triumphal Gate similar to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. But the cost of living in Macedonia is much cheaper than in France.

budget travel destinations
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To illustrate, the price from a liter of pure cow milk in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, is about $ 0.8. Besides the low cost of eating and drinking, the transportation cost is also low.

14. Maldova

Moldova is situated in Eastern Europe, close to Russia. The favorite location for travelers in this country is Tipova Monastery, a place of worship built on a rocky hill.

budget travel destinations
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The prices for stay and eat are not too expensive. For example, the price of 1 liter of pure cow milk is $ 0.6 only. Cheap, right?

15. Lisbon

Lisbon city in Portugal isn’t odd for some people, especially the football fans. In fact, Lisbon is still suitable for backpacker pockets. Although the cost of living in this city amounted to approximately $ 102.2, but there are still many cheap destinations that can be found.

budget travel destinations
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You can still find a hostel with a bunk bed room for $ 14.6. One of the popular destinations in Lisbon is the beach. Lisbon has dozens of beach tours to go, one of them is Praia de Carcavelos Beach which is close to the city.

16. Sofia

What is the interesting side in Sofia City in Bulgaria? Sofia is a city with a beautiful architecture and rich history stories. Therefore, if you like the beauty of architecture and museums, Sofia city is suitable for you.

budget travel destinations
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One of the must-go places for museum lovers is the Sofia History Museum. Here, you can increase your knowledge about Bulgarian history, or you can also enjoy the beauty of urban planning.

If you are interested to Sofia, you need to prepare a budget about $ 9.3 per day in which a hostel fee is about $ 8.8 per night.

17. Vietnam

It seems that the Southeast Asia countries are much ogled by tourists who want to do a traveling abroad without much money.

One of Southeast Asian countries that is being loved by foreign tourists is Vietnam because the local government issued a policy to its citizens not to put an expensive prices on the local foods, lodging, and tourism attractions. So, that’s why this country takes part on the budget travel destinations list.

budget travel destinations

You can get a lodging in Vietnam with prices starting at $ 5.1 per person. For culinary tours, you can buy a local culinary which is sold on the streetside about $ 1.4 for one meal.

In addition, the tourism attractions that you can visit are Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, Cu Chi Tunnel, and others. If you wanna get a cheap price to enter the sights, it’s better to buy the tickets on the spot.

18. Honduras

Not many people know about Honduras. This banana-producing country is located in Central America. The interesting news is that this country doesn’t put an expensive tariff for tourists.

budget travel destinations
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There is a beach with white sand that is not less beautiful than Maldives or Hawaii. One of the busiest centers in the country is the famous Puerto Cortes with banana trade. Understandably, this country is often called the Republic of Banana. In a day, you are guaranteed not spend more than $ 21.9 for three times meal.

19. Dominican Republic

It is so familiar for us with the country’s name that is located in Central America. Dominican Republic is in the Caribbean Islands. This country has a landscape that is not less interesting.

budget travel destinations
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There are also coastal areas in the rice fields.The city of Santiago de los Caballeros is a city whose famous with its agriculture. Going to this country doen’t need an expensive cost, it’s about $ 36.5 per day only, then you can eat, stay, and walk around the city.

20. Indonesia

The last but not least, Indonesia has already taken part on the budget travel destinations list. Indonesia is famous for the country with the largest number of islands in the world. So, if you go to Indonesia, you have to determine which island you will visit.

For lodging costs, it starts at $ 5.0, for a traditional meal about $ 3.5 only, and there’s enough public transportation that you can use which is friendly for tourists.

budget travel destinations
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If you go to Sumatra island, you can go to Tsunami Museum in Aceh or Belitung Island. In Borneo, you can go to Derawan Island or to Tanjung Putting National Park. In Java, the living cost will be cheaper and you can enjoy museums and prehistoric temples. You can also go to Bali, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, and Papua.