Quebec City = Most GORGEOUS Winter Wonderland in North America! This holiday travel guide shows what snowy Québec City, Canada has to offer for Christmas travel!

Last Christmas, I went to the most beautiful city in North America, especially for Winter! Quebec City is the 2nd stop in our Christmas Travel Series here on Modern Travel Guide, and it might be the best location in the whole series!

For more information on the Quebec City things seen in this video, visit:

Quebec City tourism:
Quebec City Christmas activities:
Le Chateau Frontenac:
Terrasse Dufferin toboggan run:
German Christmas market:
Petit Champlain:
Old Quebec Funicular:
Old Port Market:
Gare du Palais Train Station:
Plains of Abraham (up Grande Allee):
Plains ice skating (next to art museum):
The Citadel:
Plains of Abraham battlefield/museum:
Montmorency Falls:

Thanks for watching! Let me know in the comments what you think of Quebec City! Will you be planning a trip to Quebec City next winter?

Also, I’m still new to this stuff, so let me know (nicely) what I could do to make these videos better!

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